B&D Shift Plate,3 to 4 Hole Tele STD ( 3 pin p ) 11880

These toe plates are used to mount a standard 4 hole telemark binding to a ski using the old 3 hole pattern. Heel pieces are not included since the screw spacing for the heel unit is identical.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 120 gms/ set (4.2 OZ)

B&D Shift Plate,4 Hole Tele STD 18360

These plates allow you to move the binding forward or back 3cm ( 6cm total) in 1 cm increments to experiment with mounting positions. They also allow you to mount a 3 hole telemark binding using the 4 hole pattern. The plates utilize the standard 4 hole tele pattern.

Due to demand from hard chargers who are prone to rip telemark bindings out of their skis, we have added an additional, optional, mounting hole to the rear of our shift plate. This should help keep you animals on the slopes.

Note the fifth mounting hole on the right side of the toe plate.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 330 gms/ set (11.7 OZ)

B&D Shift Plate,HH/AxL/Vice 19440

Our 4 hole telemark standard to HH/Axl/Vise adapter plates allow you to mount your Hammer Head, Axl, or Vise bindings utilizing a standard 4 hole telemark pattern. These adapter plates allow you to shift your bindings a total of 7.5 cm in 1.25 cm increments.

B&D 4 Hole Tele to Dynafit Adapter 19440

These adapters allow you to mount Dynafit bindings and provide 53 mm total range of adjustment.

The adapter has truing screws to align the toe with the heel and forward/aft adjustment to get proper positioning of binding on ski.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 250 gms/ set (8.7 OZ)

B&D Dynafit Toe Shift Plate + Heel Shift Plate Set 26460

Our dynafit heel shift plate lets you to move your heel-piece in 6mm increments forward and back allowing you to adapt to different size boots without re-drilling. Total shift 36 mm (18mm front and 18mm back). Custom versions available for increased range. Includes all screws needed.

Note middle position is negated due to mounting screws.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 130 gms/ set (4.5 OZ)

B&D STD Mount Base ( cramponp ) With Screw 5940
Nubbins@7020@Radicalp +6mm up

Many people noticed that the Radical heel lifters are not as tall as the Comforts. Our Nubbins, or heel lift extenders, raise the Radical heel riser to the level of the Comfort/Vertical cones. The Nubbin attaches to the heel riser with a set screw.

17gms (0.6 Oz) per set w/screws